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Chilled Dairy


meat subs, ready meals, pies pizzas, ice cream, fruit, veg


including oats, mueslis, flakes

Nuts & Seeds

Rice & Grains

including polenta, popping corn

Tinned Convenience

including beans, soups, meals

Oils & Vinegars

Sweet & Savoury crackers, biscuits & breads

Snacks, crisps & chocolates

Toiletries & Beauty

including bodycare, soap, shampoos and cosmetics & essential oils


if you have supplied your empty bottles

Gifts, candles, cards, jewellery, bamboo socks, incense

Our Home made pasties, cooked but can be re-heated. (not GF)

Special requests or enquiries

Chilled Non Dairy


including flours, sugars & syrups, agents, essences

Dried fruit

Dried beans, pulses, lentils


Convenience & Condiments

generally in jars or bottles. Including all sauces, cooking pastes, stock, speciality foods, olives, ketchup, mustard etc

Herbs, Spices & loose leaf teas/infusions

Jams, Spreads, pates, honey & nut butters


including, plant milks, cordials, soft drinks, teas & coffees

Household and personal care

including cleaning products, sanitary wear, loo rolls, wipes, nappies and bin bags


includes vitamins, minerals, supplements & green powders/protein shakes

Seasonal Goods

mince pies, Xmas Pudding, Dairy free advent Calendar, Clipper teas, advent box, cranberry sauce, red current jelly, nut loaves (frozen or mixes), punches & cordials, mulling spices, stuffing, Booja Booja boxes of chocolates

Our Home made Cakes.

Cotton face masks

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